Monday, May 14

Filipino Bloggers Hub: A Simple Acquaintance Party


In the cyber world where all bloggers are moving- in has become more challenging due to different trends that have been born from time to time in every click and tick of their finger on the mouse. As the blogger pursue their passion, they tend to produce more effective write-ups that are based on their experiences, observation and even with their own opinion.
Today, blogging becomes a good portal of advertisement and online promotion because it can give a huge impact and easy to access information upon clicking the publish button. In just one click, everything went to life as it was being shared and like by others instantly upon uploaded.
Given that bloggers exist every minute and seconds in every social-networking site as well as in the blogging flat form. While giving the readers and other people to have the latest updates as well as entertainment in their web sites or blog sites. But wait a minute; did all bloggers who read other sites blog knew the author personally or acquaintance? I think, not!
Perhaps, some know each other while others tend to get intimidated or something as they see each other in different places. Why? Maybe because they never get a chance to be introduce to each other.

Moreover, the blogosphere in the Philippines is just a small piece of the universal blogosphere.
Where is so impossible to know the person one by one in a particular websites or blog site?
And so, bloggers created an event that we called “Filipino Bloggers Hub Party” to get a chance to see, meet and know the person behind in every blog that we read, follow and subscribe to.
On the 19th of May 2012, 1:00pm at the Central Colleges of the Philippines, bloggers around the Metro will gather to have a simple acquaintance party with full of surprises, giveaways, fun games and raffles. This is the chance to meet and know other bloggers, and this is the day that all bloggers will unite and promise to continue what started intelligently as to give people good, and balance information that people want to know.

To all bloggers in the Metro out there, we would love to know you more and see you in the 1st Filipino Bloggers Hub Party of the year!

This event has been sponsored by Central Colleges of the Philippines, San Marino, Dianna Stalder, Human Nature, Tiger Energy, Classic Savory, MedChef, MEGA Publishing Group, OkayOkay, Get Beauteous, Taste of Goodness, Tablets Mania

Friday, March 23

Our Video! Yey!

So My sister was bugging me (and herself) to post our videos on this blog.
Here it goes then. If you find yourself stuck somewhere in the world and have nothing to do, maybe you should just watch this video?

Bye! Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, January 25

Like a Fire. Shut up in our Bones. :-)

This guy is kind of big already as a musician in United States, and for him to appreciate our raw talent, it's pretty awesome! :) Godbless you bro! :-)
The link of our song is above. Kindly support us guys. We know our vocals and sound isn't that thought of. Lol. But this is actually a recorded practice for our church special number.
A for effort, right?



Tuesday, January 24

Bakit ganito, Bakit ganon?

Hello. Hi. Hey. Holla. Whatsup? Huwachududer? Ano gawa mo powhs?? :p

Once upon a time. For the first time in a long time i blogged again. End of Story.

Nah. I'm kidding. Let's start all over. hehehe.

Ako nga pala si Eunice Mishael Gutierrez Flores. Also known as, Ganda, Pretty, Prettiest, Stunning, Singkit, Gorgeous, Koreana, Hapon, Intsik, Fashionista, Tisay, Eunice, Nice, Misha, Sha or Mish. Sagana sa adjective ang aking mga kaibigan. At paikli na ng paikli ang mga itinatawag sa akin
sabay sa agos ng nagsisi-ikliang shorts ng ibang mga kababaihan na kung kanilang tawagin ay cookie shorts.
Sounds like??? (Hmmm...) Nevermind.

As I was saying, Paulit-ulit ko ring tinangkang muling mag-blog.
But what really made me resort into writing again? Here are some possible reasons:

I. My sister(and mom) kept bugging me to blog/write, because they are completely persuaded that i have a talent. (Ansaveh?!)
II. People say I have a creative mind. (Sayang naman diba? Stagnant na teh!)
III. I feel like there's so many things and words going through my head that if i don't have a way to let it all out, i'm gonna explode any second.
IV. It's like i'm on top of the world when i'm able to express myself by being read.
V. Finally, Complete and utter boredom(a.k.a NAKAKABATO na OKAY?)

So, ayun. Sa totoo lamang ay hindi ko alam kung ano'ng aking sasabihin dito sa aking unang post.
Ako kasi yung tipong maraming gustong sabihin. I'm a self-confessed-know-it-all, that's why most of my friends ask for my advice. And if they don't ask for it, i force my opinions to them. HAHA. :)
Kidding aside, Mahilig din akong magtanong dahil nga masyado akong curious, pag interesado ako, interesado ako, period.

Well that explains one of the most valid reasons why i am blogging right now.
I want to get to know more people. I'm kind of a People freak. I may look like i don't give a dang, but deep inside, i'm interested about your thoughts, and feelings too. (*blush*)
In fact, sa sobra kong interesado sa nararamdaman ng kapwa ko e, kung minsan apektado na rin ako. lol

Napaka-unstable kasi ng mga tao!
That's why we should just really focus our hearts and minds unto Jesus Christ, because in Him there is Peace. (Yehess, naisingit ko 'to!)

So yeah, I guess that's probably it. Hope to catch up with you some other time, and hopefully meet you.
Ika nga sa Slum Book eh, "Getting to know You" :)

Kaibigan, Tara! Usap Tayo!(KuyaBoy) AHAHAHAHAHA.(AteKris)

Omaygas! I'm soo clever. Chos! Ktnxbye.